Without you


Without you, your hand to hold,
The nights turns longer and
The air turns cold.

Without you, your lips to kiss,
I die little by little,
Piece by piece.

Without you, your smile to see,
My world turns grey,
I cease to be.

Without you, your voice to hear,
I lose all hope,
Engulfed by fear.

Without you, your presence to feel,
My heart is stone,
My soul is steel.

Stay with me and just let it be,
Because without you there is no me…




As the day drifts from the night,
So too will I drift from your sight.
I was everything you ever wanted,
But now forgotten and forever haunted.

I was never loved, but only used,
Left in the rain, alone and confused.
You said you cared, but it was just a lie;
Destroying my heart, you left me to die.

I was there for you, but when I was in need,
You stood over my body and watched me bleed.
Now I’m being replaced by someone new,
You don’t see my pain, you don’t have a clue.

You stood me up on that faithful day,
I turned around and began to walk the other way.
You are so scared of losing us, losing me,
But you already did and I’m gone for all eternity…



Remember you are never forgotten or alone,
I won’t ever leave you on your own.
Together we stay and together we stand,
I will stay by your side, now come take my hand.

When days seems dark or it feels like the end,
I will be there, ready to defend.
When it gets cold and your heart turns to ice,
I will be your sun, I will pay the price.

When I seem far or out of sight,
Just close your eyes, picture my face and see the light.
When darkness comes and haunts your scars,
I will light the night with a million stars.

No obstacle is too big when it comes to you,
Keep holding on and together we will make it trough…

All Along


Everyone has heard this tale before,
About a lonely boy who felt his heart no more,
He ventured through the dusty barren lands,
Searching for his heart in the burning sands,
His feelings and tears, he never could control,
Causing his loneliness to rain down upon his fragile soul.
He walked and walked to the very end,
Where he met a girl who would be his friend,
And even though he’s without a heart,
Nothing could ever keep them apart.
They sailed and sailed all of the sea,
Until they came across a mystical tree.
They came to this spot every night,
Where their eyes shined so ever bright,
He told her about his missing heart and that he was very wrong,
He said ” I found my heart in you and had it all along”…



I’ve tried and tried, but I’ll never be enough,
All I ever wanted was your undying love,
But you were always far too blind to see,
How we fit together, and how amazing it could be.

I’ve always cared and made you smile,
Have you ever pictured our lips, even just for a while?
Go ahead and date all the guys you have met,
But soon you’ll live day by day with endless regret –

Because when you realize it; it will be too late,
And I’ll be far away, pursuing a different fate.
Don’t come to me and say you never knew,
Because everything I ever did, showed that I loved you.



Sometimes I wonder what thoughts linger within your deepest mind,
What secrets, what mysteries will I ever find,
You are the centre of my every thought,
A indescribable feeling to me, you have forever brought.
Nothing made sense before you came along,
But now everything fits together like words from a perfect song.

Every passing second you move further away,
Until what we had is just memories, just another passing day,
For what happens when two stars collide;
Do they shine brighter or die on the inside?
I feel like a ship sailing against the current,
You thought they were right but I knew they weren’t.

I am intoxicated by your astonishing smile,
Just picture us, just for a little while.
I am consumed by the endless curse,
Never belonging, loving or quenching my thirst.
So take your road and I’ll take mine,
I just want you to be happy and forever shine…